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Join a skilled and dedicated team, and get close to the action!

Marshals get really close to the action
Photo © Full Frame Photographic

Marshals recover the Swift of Steven Davies after he hit the tyre barrier at the Esses
during the Summer Championship Meeting 2004
Photo © Full Frame Photographic

The Harewood Marshals enjoy a drink together at the end of the 2007 season
Photo © www.whatnonegatives.com

Marshals and the BARC - an effective Partnership!

If you haven't got either the cash or the desire to be a Motor Sport Competitor, one way of becoming actively involved in Motor Sport is to be a Marshal or Official.

Raw recruits are provided with on-the-job training to a high standard, and are carefully looked after by very experienced and more senior marshals. The annual Marshal Training Days ensure that new recruits receive effective and well structured training, whilst existing marshals look forward to attendance at these training days in order to sharpen up their skills.

Marshalling as a hobby can be extremely enjoyable, as you can get close to the action and you perform an essential and worthwhile job; in fact without sufficent trained marshals there would be no motor racing at all.

Marshals are unpaid volunteers, who obtain free entry to events, and receive complimentary copies of event programmes. Another spin-off from being involved is that many friendships are made, and the marshaling fraternity enjoy a wonderful "Esprit de Corps."

Some of the Officials at Motor Sport Events are licenced or nominated by the MSA, while others are also unpaid enthusiasts who achieve great satisfaction from being involved in the organisation and administration of a successful meeting. Many of them travel the length and breadth of the country officiating at all types of Motor Sport Events, such as race meetings, rallies, hillclimbs and sprints, and in doing so, provide an essential service to the sport.

Current regulations require all marshals to be over the age of 16 years, and if under the age of 18 years, will need a letter of consent from a Parent or Guardian.

Making Contact with us
The Chief Marshal at Harewood is Mike Shorley, who may be contacted by 'phone on 01977 780035 (Evenings Only)

Harewood Chief Marshal - Mike Shorley
Photo © www.whatnonegatives.com

The Chairman of the Harewood Marshals Association is Keith Davison

email the Chief Marshal for more details.

Please remember to include your full contact details in your e-mail, address and phone numbers etc. Both Mike Shorley and Keith Davison would very much like to hear from you.
Marshals are covered by Insurance
Whilst officiating at MSA approved events, all signed-on marshals and officials are protected by Insurance.

For details of the cover, please click here.
Trauma Counselling for Marshals and Officials
The BARC have also contracted with a professional Counselling Service in order to assist marshals
or officials who suffer emotional trauma as a result of being involved in a Motor Racing accident.

For details of this free yet professional service, please click here.

Teamwork, Comradeship, Discipline! Attributes of BARC Marshals.
This crew are preparing to marshal a Hillclimb Driver's School at Harewood
Want to know more??
Contact either Mike Shorley or Keith Davison as detailed above, or Contact our National Marshals Secretary at Thruxton. Contact details are on our Headquarters Corporate page.
Marshals Training

Each year there is a training session for Marshals before the season starts.

This involves some classroom training:

Some simulation exercises:

Marshal and Driver incident safety instruction:

And some fire practicals:

Harewood are fortunate to have such a dedicated band of marshals, and
without their enthusiasm and support, there would be no Motor Sport !