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Getting started in hillclimbing

A quick checklist highlighting everything you'll need to get off the line

Club Membership 

You will need to be a member of an active motor club recognised by Motorsport UK. The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) is a good place to start. Visit to join.

Competition Licence

RS Interclub is the minimum requirement for entry. Go to to apply. When you receive your licence you will also get the Motorsport UK yearbook, known as The Blue Book. This contains information regarding rules, regulations and procedures for all forms of Motorsport.

Protective Clothing

All must be of a standard approved for use in motorsport - see Motorsport UK Blue Book. Use of Fire Resistant underwear and boots isn't compulsory but is advised.

  • Helmet

  • Race Suit

  • Gloves (not compulsory for Road Classes)


Vehicles are split into various categories, dependent on specification and conformity to class regulations. Road classes are a good place to start. Minimum requirements to enter your vehicle into a road class are:

  • Have a vehicle that is in good all-round condition with valid MOT, Road Tax & Insurance.

  • Indicate with a sticker which way to turn either the ignition key or cut out switch to off.

  • Have a yellow battery earth cable or mark the earth cable with yellow tape.

  • Have your race numbers clearly visible on both sides of the vehicle.

  • Affix a timing splitter/strut to the front of the vehicle -see 'Blue Book' for dimensions and fitment criteria.

Event Entry

Now all that's needed is to enter for your 1st competition!



Enter Online

Full calendar, draft entry lists and online entry for competitors.

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